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I was reading Dan Kennedy's book "The Ultimate Marketing Plan" last night, and came across a very interesting little poem. He credits it to an anonymous author, but it goes as follows:

A lion met a tiger
As they drank beside a pool
Said the tiger, "Tell me why
You're roaring like a fool."

"That's not foolish," said the lion
With a twinkle in his eyes
"They call me king of all the beasts
Because I advertise!"

A rabbit heard them talking
And ran home like a streak
He thought he'd try the lion's plan,
But his roar was just a squeak.

A fox came to investigate-
Had luncheon in the woods.
Moral: when you advertise, my friends,
Be sure you've got the goods!

This poem contains great wisdom. I see a lot of people advertising themselves as professionals, when they have no business doing so. I know several people who market themselves as being experts in a certain area, yet their mastery of these skills show that they are far from being experts.

New Article Available on Business Card Marketing

Business cards are a vastly under-utilized marketing tool. I have posted a new article to You can read it at for 3 common mistakes that kill the effectiveness of your business cards.

Direct Mail Marketing Works (If You Do It Right)

Recently, I wanted to drum up some additional business to fill in gaps in my schedule in November and December. So, I crafted a compelling sales letter with an immediate call to action and a valuable savings if the clients engage me before the end of the year. I stated that my fees are increasing with the New Year, but they can take advantage of my old fees if they act immediately. This was also sent to a highly targeted list that I had already developed.

Right message, Right Timing, Right Audience.

I sent this mailing out on Tuesday. Now, here it is Friday, and I have ALREADY GOTTEN a whopping 10% response rate on the mailing. And I am expecting more calls on this, as I know some may have not received their mail yet. I literally have prospects calling me and telling me "I just got your letter today, and I want to book you."

What is even better is that my sales letter pre-qualified the prospect, so when they are calling (or using the optional fax back form I included) the majority of them are responding to book me. No haggling, no "let me get back to you." It is simply a matter of whether I am available for the date and time they are asking for.

The moral of the story is that you need to TAKE ACTION! By doing so, you are practically printing your own money. Because, if you have a solid strategy and do it right, results are practically GUARANTEED!

Here is wishing you success in this war we call business!
Brent Allan

Welcome to the Blog

Hello friends,

Welcome to the new Biz Warrior blog. I had briefly set up a blog over on Wordpress, only to find that I had this free blog available as a subdomain of my website for free. So, I am starting the blog over right here.

Keep checking back, as I will have plenty of helpful marketing tips, as well as pointing out other resources I stumble across, and keep everyone apprised of when I write a new article.

Until then, I wish you victory in this war we all call business.

Brent Allan